Terms of Use

Terms of Use for PR Service tool for publishing releases

1. Users have the obligation to acquaint themselves with the given Terms of Use prior to using the PR Service tool for publishing releases, and abide by the Terms of Use.

2. In order to use the PR Tool, the user has to enter into agreement with SIA LETA (hereinafter – LETA). The PR Tool is available to registered users (hereafter – the User) who have received individual access authorization password from LETA.

3. The User confirms having the right to distribute press releases on behalf of the organization he or she represents, and being aware of the laws and regulations pertaining to the publishing of press releases and the content thereof, as well as best practices applicable.

4. The User has to take all relevant measures to protect the legitimate interests of LETA from all kinds of claims or complaints by third parties that they may file against LETA over the actions of the User.

5. LETA has a right to delete the User’s press release immediately should it find that information in the release poses threat to the State, society, or the individual, contains defamatory information, obscene language, or sensitive personal data, literary work or summaries of articles from the press, advertises products or services, contains advertising slogans, or commercial data of third persons, or other information that constitutes a violation of the law.

6. If a user has mistakenly published a press release for good reason (fraud, deception, coercion by a third party, etc), and has within 24 hours sent a request to LETA to have it erased, then LETA will evaluate the request and has the right, but not an obligation, to erase the press release.

7.If Sections 5 and 6 of the Terms of Use must be enforced, the User does not become exempt from any of its financial liabilities for the press releases which have been deleted, and LETA will not grant the right to publish press releases of similar length in their place.

8. Should a third party bring a lawsuit against LETA, including, but not limited to, over the content of a press release published by the User or anything else concerning the press release, all costs or losses sustained by LETA as a result thereof (the cost of litigation, any amounts payable by LETA pursuant to a court decision, etc.) shall be compensated to LETA by the User. Likewise, should the authorities take administrative action against LETA for a release incompatible with the law, and impose a fine on LETA, the User shall promptly compensate the fine to LETA.