Statements for the media prepared by companies and organizations, or press releases, are an important way of distributing information for the public and a source of news for journalists in their day-to-day work. Latvian information agency LETA, one of the primary sources of information for the media, is the only place where all incoming press releases are collated and published all at one place.

In order to ensure quicker and more convenient distribution of information and make the job easier for communications managers, we have set up a PR Service tool for publishing releases (PR Tool), meant for organizations to submit their statements for the media and information about upcoming events to LETA editorial offices, and for online publication thereof on the website, as well as in the specialized sections of LETA portals.

The PR Tool enables publishing given information in 2 sections: the press release section and the calendar of events section.

This means new opportunities for distribution of information:

  • Speed and time – releases can be published automatically, any time 24/7, or at a predetermined time later in the future
  • Exhaustive, attractive multimedia content – opportunity to publish texts along with images, videos, additional documents; having all information available at one place, without any need to worry about sending large-size files
  • New channels and broader audiences – information published with the help of PR Tool is freely accessible to everyone, it can be shared on social networks and through other channels

The service is only available to registered users.

You can find out more about the service by getting in touch with us: call us at +371 67222509, write to